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QLK Docking Systems Weight Limits

With docking systems, a common question usually comes out. How heavy of a wheelchair can be secured?
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Committed to Improving Safety

Transportation is crucial in helping individuals with special needs maintain independence. In a world of increasing pressure to meet transit schedules, there may be a temptation to cut corners to keep up.
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Turning the Industry Around

It’s time for an about-face in thinking when it comes to wheelchair restraint systems in U.S.-based transit systems
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Tramanco vs. the Flood!

On the morning of Tuesday January 11th, our distributor, Tramanco, in Brisbane, Australia was hit with major flooding.
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30MPH/20G Testing: It’s Not JustThe Speed, But The Force That Matters

At the University of Michigan, an impact sled ‘rebounds’ to create a 30-mph change in velocity to simulate a severe frontal crash. With the Q’Straint Wheelchair Securements intact and still functional at the completion of this test, it’s yet another success to add to our extensive list.
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