Florida Students Get Safety and Job Skills From Q’STRAINT Retractors

Q’Straint wheelchair restraints are providing Florida special needs students a safe ride to school and vocational skills development when they arrive. For over a year, approximately 60 students at the Bright Horizons School in Pompano Beach, Florida, have been participating in the manufacture of Q’Straint restraints, performing pre-assembly and packaging of bolts, washers and butterfly fasteners, at a rate of about 3,000 per month.

“Our kids are helping assemble and package a product that actually supports them in life,” says Stacy Wolfe, Vocational Coordinator at the Broward County “center school.” “Our center focuses on students with autism and those who are medically fragile. They are capable of working, they feel really good about working and they feel really good about working on materials that they actually see going back out.”

All of the buses serving Bright Horizons are equipped with wheelchair lifts and Q’Straint retractors.

“Those hookups are vital to us,” says Stacey. “If those systems are broken, that means there’s one less individual that can get on the bus that day. We rarely have issues with securements.”

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