QRT-360 heavy-duty wheelchair securement retractor and tie downs

QRT-360 Heavy Duty Wheelchair Retractors

Heavy duty wheelchair securement tie-down retractors built for WC18
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QRT MAX Knobless Wheelchair Tie-Downs

Fully automatic, premium knobless retractor that allows for one-handed operation
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QRT Deluxe Dual Knob Wheelchair Securement Retractor

QRT Deluxe Dual Knob Wheelchair Tie-Downs

Self-Locking and Tensioning retractor with ergonomic housing and dual knobs
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QRT Standard economical wheelchair securement retractor

QRT Standard Semi-Automatic Wheelchair Tie-Downs

Semi-automatic retractor that meets all industry standards and specifications
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INQLINE Controlled Wheelchair Onboarding & De-boarding Solutions

INQLINE Wheelchair Passenger Boarding Systems

Two unique solutions for passenger onboarding and deboarding
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