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Early Adopters Set New Precedent for Wheelchair Securement

Discover the Transit Agencies that are raising the bar for BRT Mobility Securement. QUANTUM is the transportation industry’s first fully automatic, rear-facing securement system. These are the first transit agencies to make the leap…
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QUANTUM Adoption Leads to Accessibility Award for MATBUS

MATBUS received the Accessibility Award from Freedom Resource Center during the 5th Annual Appreciation Luncheon held on May 10, 2016.
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New Devices Eases Access for Green Bay Metro Riders

Green Bay Metro welcomes QUANTUM as the newest addition to local area buses, providing enhanced accessibility for wheelchair and scooter travelers.
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5 Key Benefits of QUANTUM Rear-Facing Securement

There are considerably more than five benefits to using rear-facing securement, specifically QUANTUM.
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New Device Offers Enhanced Wheelchair Accessibility for Green Bay Metro

Green Bay Metro wants is focused on making buses more accessible and easier to ride for wheelchair and scooter users.
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