QLK-150 Certification Course

Q’STRAINT Now Offers a Personal Mobility Docking Station Online Certification Course

As more and more mobility passengers are transitioning from travel on main-stream fixed-route transit systems like city buses to personal vehicles; Q’STRAINT has responded to this growing demand – through training – by now offering the QLK-150 Online Certification Course.

U.S. Mobility Passenger Population’s Rapid Growth

The U.S. mobility passenger population is expected to grow 120% by 2022, and more and more of this segment are choosing to outfit their personal vehicles to accommodate wheelchair occupant travel.

Q’STRAINT, the manufacturer of the most innovative solutions to advance the safety and effectiveness of wheelchair passenger travel, has responded accordingly by creating the QLK-150 On-line Certification Course. This highly interactive course teaches technicians best practices to properly install and service QLK-150 docking station.

This Course is intended for Mobility Technicians

The interactive on-line course provides a comprehensive overview of the QLK-150 Docking System and its installation.

The course is geared for all mobility technicians who install products like the QLK-150. It is also the perfect fit for personal mobility dealer staff and sales representatives. As an added perk, the on-line certification class satisfies the requirements for industry quality assurance programs.

The QLK-150 On-line Certification teaches students to understand how docking systems operate as well as the proper techniques to safely secure an independent wheelchair passenger.

Course Incorporates Validation Mechanisms

All lessons conclude with a quiz, to insure each student has a complete understanding of the course’s subject material in order for them to become experts on all the inner workings of the QLK-150 docking station.

Some of the highlights of the course include:

  • A general overview of Docking System Securement and how it works
  • Proper docking station and interface bracket crash testing
  • Wheelchair Interface Bracket installation
  • Occupant Securement use
  • Docking System Testing

Students, who pass the course, will receive a certificate of completion which is valid for two years.

Register for your QLK-150 Certification Course today.

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