Q’STRAINT Training AQADEMY Recognized by School Bus Fleet Magazine

School Bus Fleet Magazine recently featured the Q’STRAINT Training AQADEMY in their August 2018 issue. The article focused primarily on the AQADEMY’s initial training course offering, Securement 101: Basic Wheelchair Securement Training, the first online and interactive training course for teaching transportation personnel how to properly secure wheelchair passengers.

Securement 101:
Basic Wheelchair Securement Training

Securement 101 is a landmark training course that takes wheelchair securement training out of the classroom and into the comfort of your home or office. The 4-part course features an extensive curriculum that is a perfect fit for those at all ends of the wheelchair securement spectrum – whether you are a new driver or a transit supervisor.

“This is a course that everyone who works in the wheelchair securement industry needs to take to ensure they are adhering to the current best practices and latest safety standards,” said Darren Reaume, Q’STRAINT National Training Manager.

“The course provides a depth of securement insight that is worth anyone’s time that is responsible for wheelchair securement safety,” added Reaume, “it also allows transportation providers to standardize their training, which is essential in order to avoid potential incidents. The bottom line is that in the area of wheelchair securement there is absolutely no room for error and this course covers all the bases.”

The AQADEMY allows users to register for courses individually or for transportation supervisors to register their drivers (students) in groups, giving them the ability to track their students’ progress and determine which wheelchair securement best practices might require more attention.

The self-paced course is fully narrated and includes interactive slides, videos, quizzes and more. Students are required to receive a 75% grade to pass and every student who successfully passes the course receives a two-year certification from Q’STRAINT. Certificates can be printed and transportation supervisors can view and manage each students’ results and certificates.

Q’STRAINT expects this new era of online training to have a profound impact on reducing transit facilities liability issues.

Securement 102:
Coming Soon!

Securement 102, the next course offering launching later this year, will teach users about Securing Difficult Mobility Devices for School Transportation. This course will be a more advanced online class that is designed to teach innovative approaches to securing many of the most difficult mobility devices that often confound transportation providers.

This new course will discuss problem solving strategies for securement situations where achieving the basic principles covered in Securement 101 is difficult or even impossible. It will also review some significant advancements in securement equipment, wheelchairs and regulation that have the potential to greatly reduce the difficulty and liability currently inherent in transporting difficult mobility devices.

“Securement 102 is specifically geared for those who have a stake in wheelchair securement safety including Transportation Directors, Head Drivers, and Safety Trainers, but that it is also appropriate for drivers who have completed Securement 101 as a prerequisite and have a good base of securement knowledge,” says Darren Reaume.

“The Q’STRAINT Training AQADEMY guarantees that we will continue to deliver leading-edge educational solutions and additional support options to our wide range of customers.”

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Securement 101:
Basic Wheelchair Securement Training

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