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A further extension of the Q’Straint iQ Research Centre of Excellence

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL • FEBRUARY 16, 2016: Previously released in Europe, Q’Straint officially launches the highly anticipated OMNI VR Kits in North America. The OMNI Vehicle Reinforcement Kits, known as OMNI VR provide a range of engineering solutions, allowing dealers to maximize vehicle installation opportunities and configurations of Q’Straint anchorages. Most importantly, each kit is a tested and certified solution, eliminating the necessity for post-installation dealer testing.

This launch marks another milestone for the state-of-the-art iQ Research Centre of Excellence, located in the United Kingdom. The world class research and design facility was established to explore new technologies, drive innovation, enhance Q’Straint product development capabilities and increase the speed with which new products are brought to market. The recently expanded facility now features one of the most advanced static pull test systems in the industry.

Noteworthy technologies developed as a result of work at the iQ Research Centre include the QRT-360 and TITAN800, designed to meet WC18 standards, as well as Quantum, the flagship in industry innovation and the first fully automatic rear-facing wheelchair securement station.

OMNI VR, the most recent technology to be tested and certified at the facility, consists of specifically engineered vehicle strengthening kits designed to maximize the number of wheelchair positions available for mobility transportation. These VR kits exceed National and International Standards, receiving recognition from technical organizations such as TÜV, UTAC and VCA.

About Q’Straint & the iQ Research Centre of Excellence: For more than 30 years, Q’Straint has remained focused on one mission: To develop the most innovative solutions that advance the safety and effectiveness of wheelchair passenger travel. Our reputation as a global leader is the result of making transportation safety and customer needs the highest priority. We are committed to continued product leadership and innovation; we have the most exhaustive and comprehensive research and testing programs and for more than two decades we have played a key role in developing regional and international safety standards. Today, our diverse global staff serves customers in more than 70 countries throughout North and South America, Europe, Australasia, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. For more information visit qstraint.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

The iQ Research Centre of Excellence is a revolutionary testing and design facility, employing some of the most cutting-edge testing equipment in the industry. The newly expanded facility features the world’s first Servo-Electric Full Vehicle Seat Belt Test Anchorage System, as well as the HYGE™ Dynamic Crash Stimulation System. The technological capabilities of this facility enable Q’Straint to extensively research and develop the next generation of wheelchair accessible vehicle solutions for minibus, community transport and public transport vehicles. To learn more about the world-renowned test facility visit www.iqresearchcentre.com.

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