LEGO Unveils First Ever Wheelchair Minifigure

Recently, at toy fairs in London and Nuremberg, Lego unveiled the newest set, ‘Fun at the Park’, which includes a minifigure in a wheelchair with a guide dog.

The introduction of this new addition came after some push from consumers to embrace children with disabilities in their product lines. Fortunately, Lego was receptive to consumer requests and so this set was developed. Fan group, Promobricks, were one of the first to share the news online and their photos quickly went viral.

Rebecca Atkinson, founder of the Toy Like Me equality campaign, has been working with consumers and toy manufacturers to represent the disabled community in the toy industry: “This is more than just about sales figures or disability access, it’s about changing cultural perceptions. It’s about brands such as Lego using their vast power of influence to positive effect.”

At Q’Straint we support independence for everyone around the world, and feel sincere joy from these types of accomplishments within the community. Do you plan to add the wheelchair minifigure to your collection?

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