Committed to Improving Safety

Q’Straint and Sure-Lok Are Committed to Improving Safety by Minimizing Tip Overs

Transportation is crucial in helping individuals with special needs maintain independence. In a world of increasing pressure to meet transit schedules, there may be a temptation to cut corners to keep up. Whether you are driving the school bus, running para-transit, in charge of the city bus, or a small van service such a decision can be particularly hazardous if your passengers are in a wheelchair. If you fail to secure the passenger and their wheelchair properly, and you have to take a sharp turn, they can tip over.

For public transit officials, the ramifications of improper securement can be costly in terms of lawsuits and insurance claims. Nearly 100% of all litigation resulting from accidents involving those in wheelchairs is related to tip overs. Most tip overs occur during normal operation of the transportation – that is, emergencies and weather-related incidents do not play a major role in wheelchair tip overs. You may not be able to prevent 100% of accidents, but you can keep wheelchair passengers safer and decrease liability by using the wheelchair tie-downs and occupant restraints properly.

We realize the products we make are essential to passenger safety, so it is necessary that drivers be well trained. Proper training helps to minimize injuries and prevent accidents. Our commitment to driver training has led us to create best-in-industry driver training program, which is available online and in person at our driver training seminars. If you are not able to attend the in-person training sessions, there are excellent product-specific driver training guides that can be downloaded or viewed online.

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