Q’STRAINT Visits Bright Horizons Special Needs Public School

A team of Q’STRAINT employees – from a cross section of departments ranging from accounting to engineering – were provided with the opportunity to visit Bright Horizon’s school for students with special needs.

Q’STRAINT has a community partnership with Bright Horizons, which is a Broward County public school that serves children between the ages of 5 to 22, who have moderate to severe cognitive disabilities.

What is Bright Horizons?

“Half of the student body are students with severe physical, medical and intellectual disabilities, while the other half are students with Autism that deal with extreme behavioral, communication, and independence challenges,” said Angela Portal, Bright Horizon’s Autism coach, who gave Q’STRAINT employees an emotionally charged tour of their facility.

“It was a (field trip) highly enlightening and moving experience for me since I also have a child with a cognitive disability,” said Melonie Stevens of Q’STRAINT accounting. “To see how the teachers and the staff interact with the students was heartwarming.”

Stevens added that this is the first time she worked for a company like Q’STRAINT that actually engages with a charity rather than simply cuts a check for tax purposes.

“It’s remarkable to see the dedication, love and joy these educators have for these students,” said Erin Mumford, Q’STRAINT human resources manager. “And some of the students, who start as early as 5-years-old and continue until 22 become a part of the Bright Horizon’s family.”

A Real Team Building Experience

Having Q’STRAINT employees from entry to executive level traveling together for one common cause – to see first-hand how the staff at Bright Horizons make a real difference in society – was an excellent team building experience. Q’STRAINT also witnessed the perseverance these students exhibit to excel in life against all odds

Since the field trip, the whole Q’STRAINT group not only was able to get to know each other better, but the inspiring experience spawned company friendships. On a practical side, every member of the group gained a better understanding on the role of each department and how it interacts within the company framework.

“The Bright Horizon field trip gave each employee the opportunity to become more familiar with someone that they normally do not work with,” added Mumford. “You know walls were broken down and barriers were overcome and now all the participants have a few more friendly faces to sit with at lunch when they see them.”

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