Timed Release Paddle Handle for Q’POD

Unlike other release systems, the X-Press Paddle Handle for Q’POD allows both hands to be free during the securement process.


Vehicle Applications:
City Bus, Rail

Regional Availability:

USA, Canada


2 years* limited warranty coverage.

Q’POD XPress Features & Details 

15 Second Timed Delay

Allows the operator ample time to secure or release the wheelchair.

Manual Release

In the event of a power failure, the manual paddle release allows for the securement system to function normally.

Audio & Visual Indicators

Lights and sounds to indicate that the securement belts are unlocked, providing more feedback to the operator.

12 or 24 Volts

Ensures compatibility with all types of city transport and rail applications.

Ultra Durbale

A nickel-plated steel casing ensures maximum strength and longevity.

Safety Cover

Optional safety cover protects the X-Press Paddle Handle from accidental release.

Visual Lock Indicator

Eliminates securement guess work. Designates proper stowage.

Exclusive Q’POD Application

Designed for use on Q’POD barriers, flip seats, and bulkhead.

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