Enhanced Tensioning Handle for Q’POD

Q’POD continues to be the industry’s most trusted solution for forward-facing wheelchair securement; and the all-new front-side Q’POD TENSIONER enables the securement of wheelchair passengers with more ease and convenience than ever before.

Vehicle Applications

Vehicle Applications:

City Bus, Rail

Regional Availability:
USA, Canada


5 years* limited warranty coverage.

Q’POD Tensioner Features & Details

Ergonomic Trigger Release

Reduces overall Q’POD footprint. One-button discharge with increased knuckle clearance.

Greater Tensioning

Ability to administer multiple pulls. Minimal space between chair and bumper.

Versatile Mounting Brackets

Increased installation applications. Compatible with all Q’POD models.

Scooter Ring

Simple securement of scooters and difficult devices. Maximizes effective wheelchair angles.

Replaceable Components

New design enables in-field component rework. Faster, more affordable part replacement.

Over-Torque Protection

Slip-clutch prevents over-tensioning. Promotes longer component life.

Visual Lock Indicator

Eliminates securement guess work. Designates proper stowage.

Custom Webbing

Extends webbing life. Minimizes everyday wear.

Compact Design

Maximizes aisle and ADA space. Allows for more retrofit options.

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