OMNI VR Anchorage Plates Specifically Engineered for Full-Size Vans
Tested and Certified to the latest standards by VCA, UTAC, TÜV and other technical organizations.

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Vehicle Applications:
Community Transport

  • Community Transport

Features and Benefits

Fully Customized

Every OMNI VR Kit is designed and certified for the exact make and model of your full-size van, allowing you a choice of several wheelchair placement locations.

iQ Quality

All OMNI VR Kits are tested, certified and approved by VCA, UTAC, TÜV, etc. at the iQ Research Centre of Excellence, our world class research and design facility.

OMNI Approved

All kits featured are compatible with Q’Straint or Sure-Lok retractors and OMNI anchorage options.

Flexible Layouts

Vehicle layouts designed with maximum flexibility between wheelchair positions and seating requirements

Quick Installation

All anchorage systems have been designed to enable quick installation with the majority being self-jigging.

Ford Transit

Current available for: Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, and VW Crafter vans.

OMNI VR, Q’Straint and Sure-Lok tie-down systems all comply with the most stringent standards: ISO 10542-1, FMVSS standards, R14, R16, WC/2007/46; and also compatible for use with IVA, NSS or ECWVTA
  • OMNI Floor Anchor Systems

  • Please call Customer Service at 1-800-987-9987 for Part Numbers and Pricing.

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