QRT Case Study: Autos Eilzasu

Custom Solutions and Focus on Safety Drive Success of Basque Region Mobility Solutions Provider

Mobility-challenged drivers and passengers know better than anyone that no single vehicle accessibility solution works for everyone. Customization is the key to removing the obstacles that would otherwise stand between a disabled person and a safe and comfortable ride.

Autos Elizasu SL — an adaptive driving outfitter in San Sebastián, Spain — has built a thriving family business and a dedicated following precisely by focusing on tailor-made mobility solutions. Founded by Alejandro Mondelo in 1980 as a Volkswagen-Audi dealer and service center, Autos Elizasu in 1985 expanded into providing ISO 10542 and EN 26494 compliant accessibility modifications for all brands of vehicles, in both private use and public service. Since then, the company has continued to incorporate improvements and innovations to offer its customers solutions customized to their exact needs.

“Our philosophy is to provide whatever is needed in each vehicle so the disabled can use it in safety and comfort,” says Inigo Mondelo, who today is a co-owner of the business, together with his father. “We always try to be different and everyday to be the best. It is possible that we will never achieve it but at least we try.”

For Autos Elizasu, being the best means putting customer safety above all else and choosing the best accessibility products and devices for each requirement. And that means Q’Straint QRT wheelchair securement systems.

“We always use QRT retractors, because we believe they are the best,” says Inigo. “And customers find QRT easy to use.”

Still, the team at Autos Elizasu never stops looking for ways to do things even better. For example, the company has developed an innovative installation technique that mounts QRT retractors on a track fixed to the sidewall of the vehicle. This keeps the retractors conveniently out of the way when they’re not being used.

“Small details like this are appreciated by our customers,” says Inigo.

Being the best also means competing on quality instead of price.

“Of course, it is extremely important to keep costs under control,” says Inigo. “Price is becoming a more important factor to clients, both because of their economic needs and because of the growing number of competitors that quote lower prices just to get the business.”

Even though some customers may go elsewhere, Autos Elizasu has proved that by understanding customers’ needs, providing individualized solutions and never compromising customer safety, it can succeed without being the lowest price provider.

“We may not satisfy everyone,” says Inigo, “but the positive comments we receive are always more numerous than the negatives.”

“Our philosophy is to provide whatever is needed in each vehicle so a person with a disability can use it in safety and comfort. We always use QRT retractors because they are the best.”

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