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4-Point Securements

QRT MAX Knobless Wheelchair Tie-Downs

Fully automatic, premium knobless retractor that allows for

QRT Deluxe Dual Knob Wheelchair Tie-Downs

Self-Locking and Tensioning retractor with ergonomic housing

QRT Standard Semi-Automatic Wheelchair Tie-Downs

Semi-automatic retractor that meets all industry standards and

QRT-1 Series

Max, Deluxe & Standard: the industry benchmark

Q’UBE Modular Wheelchair Securement System

Modular bolt-in securement solution

M-Series Manual Wheelchair Tie-Down Belt

Cost-effective manual wheelchair securement belts

Wheelchair Stations

QUANTUM Wheelchair Securement Station

Fully automatic wheelchair securement station

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Docking Systems

QLK Wheelchair Docking System and Brackets

The QLK Personal Wheelchair Docking System allows wheelchair

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Omni Floor Anchorages

L-Track Wheelchair Securement Floor Anchorage Track

Versatile, durable securement anchorage track

Slide ‘N Click Wheelchair Securement Rotating Anchorage

Easy attach floor anchorage with 360º rotation

L-Pockets Wheelchair Securement Accessories for L-Track

Oval, Flush & Covered fixed securement anchorages

QSF Seat Fixing

L-Track anchorage that allows installation and removal of seats


General Accessories

Our most popular parts and accessories

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