I purchased a retractable shoulder belt that is missing parts.

Retractable shoulder belts can be sold in a number of different configurations and with different options. Each configuration has a unique part number.

If you’ve already purchased and find you need to add a part, below are the most common additions:

1. PLI for L track upper anchor: (Part Q8-6510-RET)

2. PLI for L track lower anchor: (Part Q5-3211-L PAGE)

3. Hardware for mounting to the floor: (Part Q5-3211-1A PAGE)

Note: Part Q8-3030-A is no longer included with any retractable shoulder belt. The stowage pin is now incorporated into the height adjuster.


Since these are special order parts, please contact our Customer Satisfaction team.


US: 800-987-9987
INTL: +44 (0) 1227 773035


US: customersatisfaction@qstraint.com
INTL: info@qstraint.co.uk


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