LeeTran Showcases QUANTUM


During a recent showcase in two Fort Myers transfer center locations, passengers were given the opportunity to learn about and demo QUANTUM, a rear-facing wheelchair securement system. LeeTran partnered with Q’Straint to host the showcases.

Event attendees included Paul Lawhorn, injured while serving in Iraq, and Johnny Jenks, who survived a three-story fall. Unfortunately, both men know the struggle of utilizing public transportation all too well.

“I hated it, the bus was always packed and I thought I was slowing them down.”

– Johnny Jenks

While at the Rosa Parks Transfer Center demonstration event, Lawhorn and Jenks had a opportunity to try out the fully automatic rear-facing securement system for themselves — and were pleasantly surprised. If passenger feedback continues to be positive, LeeTran will install a test QUANTUM securement system on one of their new buses. Fort Myers would be the first city in Florida to use the system.

“The product has been out there a couple of years. We thought it could be something useful since it takes a few minutes now to get the belts on and get the vehicle tied down. We want people to feel comfortable, try it out. The wheelchair needs to be easy to maneuver into the unit and free to let people go on their way.»

– Steve Myers, Transit Development Plan Director

According to Myers, the passenger securement process currently takes between 3-6 minutes, but with QUANTUM, wheelchair and scooter passengers can be safely secured in less than 25 seconds.

“I think it’ll save time,» said Freddie Landin, a bus driver for more than 10 years, «it’s safe and less work for the driver.”



Resource: www.news-press.com

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