New Technology for Greater Capacity

Stronger than any previous retractors, the QRT 550E utilises innovative energy management designs and material technologies to deliver a groundbreaking rating of 200kg.

Vehicle Applications

Vehicle Applications:

School Bus, City Bus, Coach Bus, Rail, Community Transport, Minivan, WAV

Regional Availability:
Europe, Asia


5 years* limited warranty coverage.

Floor Anchorage Options

Floor anchorages allow QRT-550 retractors to be directly mounted to the vehicle floor, seat legs or barriers.


For applications that use L-Track or L-Pocket anchorages, QRT-360 retractor kits include our patented Positive Lock Indicator (PLI) that clearly indicates when the fitting is locked in the anchorage.


For applications that use Slide ‘N Click anchorages, QRT-360 retractor kits feature a single-bolt SNC assembly and plunger that features a full 360º rotation, eliminating anchorage alignment guesswork.

QRT-550 Features & Details 

Securing Today’s Heaviest Wheelchairs

Dynamically sled tested with wheelchairs up to 200kg.

Fully Meets WC18/19

Meets load requirements of up to 60% higher during a collision as specified by RESNA & the WC18 standard. The QRT-550 is also fully compatible with newer WC19 Wheelchairs.

Stronger Than All Other Retractors

The QRT-550 utilises an innovative energy management design and new energy-absorbing steel frame to deliver the system’s full strength for maximum load capacity.

New Webbing & Teeth

QRT-550 is the only retractor to feature double (2) high-strength 58mm webbing loops and 25 interlocking teeth, that combine to allow for super fine adjust self-tensioning.

Dual J-Hooks

The only heavy duty retractor to feature dual J-Hook attachments, providing maximum strength and make it easy to secure virtually any device.  J Hooks also reduce the twisting of belts.

Automatic Self-Tensioning & Locking

Our industry-leading self-tensioning retractors automatically take up slack to ensure wheelchair passenger is always secured. The belts continue to tighten during low-g vehicle movements, reducing the potential for dangerous excursions in the event of a collision.

Positive Lock Indicator for L-Track

For L-Track and L-Pocket applications, the QRT-550 boasts a re-engineered PLI for an even clearer, more precise indication that the fitting is locked in the anchorage.

Accommodates Larger Wheelchairs

QRT-550 features a smaller retractor footprint than traditional securement, allowing for better placement flexibility and accommodation of large wheelchairs and scooters.

Enlarged Foot Release

The foot release of the QRT-550 has been enlarged, making it easier to engage.


Constructed from hardened steel and coated in zinc for maximum corrosion resistance.

Low Profile

No mounting bracket allows QRT-360 retractors to fit under most footrests.


Eliminates confusion: no right, left, front or rear locations.

Compatible Floor Anchorages

L-Track, Slide ‘N Click

Crash Testing

30mph / 20G Crash Tested

QRT-550 meets or exceeds the following standards and regulations:

SAE J2249
CSA Z605
ISO 10542
FMVSS 209, 302, 210, 222
PAS 2012
AS 2596
Regulation 107 (Bus & Coach)

QRT-550 Retractors are crash tested at 30mph (48kph), 20G, and fully comply with RESNA WC-4, Section 18, WC18, WC19, and ISO-10542-1
*Always demand up-to-date crash testing from a certified facility

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