Are you a Q’STRAINT QLK-150 Expert?

Q’STRAINT provided a hands-on, interactive quiz program at the recent National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) Manufacturer Service School (MSS) in Fishers, Indiana.

Mario Sanchez, our Q’STRAINT QLK-150 guru and southern regional sales manager for the company’s mobility market decided to mix things up at this NMEDA MSS class by coming up with a fitting way to get his service technician students amped up for the training course. Mario had the unenviable task of keeping the service technician class attendees engaged despite the fact that it was the final hour at the end of a busy three-day instructional program. To make matters worse, many of the service technicians needed to catch their flights home.

Mario came up with an innovative solution that not only convinced the attendees to stay for the class, but ignited the crowd by transforming the class into a virtual Quiz Show competition. In the end – the attendees left the class wanting more. “The Certification to Configure QLK-150 Quiz really got their competitive juices flowing,” said Sanchez. “As the interactive quiz progressed, the new technicians became lively and began shouting out the answers in order to win.”

How Much Do You Know About QLK-150?

If you missed the class, you can get a sneak peek the QLK-150 Certification to Configure Quiz below. Try these 3 sample questions to find out how much of a QLK-150 expert you are!

QLK Blog Quiz

CORRECT! The QLK-150 gives you unlimited options because we know every installation is unique.

INCORRECT! The QLK-150 can be installed in All Orientations because we know every installation is unique.

CORRECT!The QLK-150 Advanced Stabilizer is low profile and fully crash tested the same way it's installed in the vehicle.

INCORRECT! With QLK's Advanced Stabilizer, you can ditch the old fork and experience a smooth installation.

CORRECT! The QLK-150 offers more options and features than any other docking system on the market.

INCORRECT...Sort of... The correct answer is All of the Above! The QLK-150 offers more options and features than any other docking system on the market.

So how did you do on the QLK-150 Quiz?

If you didn’t have the opportunity to participate in the QLK-150 Training Class in July, don’t worry. Q’STRAINT will be holding another class at the fall NMEDA MSS, November 14-16 at BraunWest in Mesa, Arizona. You can register for this class today!

Q’STRAINT is presenting right after lunch on day two of the training class and rumor has it Mario likes to bring some nice Q’SWAG with him to giveaway — that is of course, if you pass.

See you there!

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