Side/Rear Entry Winch System

INQLINE ASSIST is a side-entry or rear-entry winch system for nearly effortless passenger boarding and de-boarding.


Vehicle Applications:

Minivan, Community Transport, WAV

Regional Availability:

USA & Europe


2 years* limited warranty coverage.

Features & Details 

Side & Rear Entry Capability

The INQLINE ASSIST allows for custom installations that fit your particular needs whether it be a side-entry or rear-entry vehicle. The compact design allows for the system to be installed under the seats, on the vehicle wall, vehicle floor or even on the ramp itself maximizing space and comfort. The options are endless.

Controlled Steering

The INQLINE ASSIST allows the operator to manually guide a mobility passenger in and out of a vehicle with an ergonomic thumb controller. Guiding a mobility device up and down a ramp, even in ideal situations and conditions, can become difficult and dangerous. Controlled steering during boarding and de-boarding reduces the possibility of tip-overs while giving the operator the confidence and command to overcome obstacles such as curbside parking, uneven surfaces and weight distribution.

Automatic Winch System

No manual tensioning required. Heavy duty, self-tensioning and fully automatic retractors smoothly guide the mobility device safely in and out of the vehicle.

Safety Stop

End the guess work. The INQLINE ASSIST features a Safety Stop, preventing potential equipment damage or more importantly injuries to the mobility passenger. Safety Stop senses the amount of webbing inside of the retractors, allowing dealers and installers the opportunity to stop a mobility device in a predetermined position of the vehicle.

Enhanced Rider Experience

A faster, smoother and safer boarding and de-boarding process creates a better passenger experience. Happy passengers equal happy drivers.

Increased Loading Capacity

As the trend of ever-larger mobility devices increases, heavier wheelchairs are slowing down your operators. The INQLINE ASSIST’s high strength webbing with increased loading capacity and it’s dual automatic winch system make boarding and de-boarding a breeze, allowing your operators to take control and keep up with passengers’ needs.

Reduced Operator Injury

No more exertion, no more guesswork. Operators have full control over the ascent and descent of a mobility device with minimal physical strain. The days of running starts to build momentum and multiple attempts to board passengers are long gone. The process is seamless regardless of terrain, wheelchair weight or weather conditions. All of this adds up to improved operator attitudes, which results in more positive passenger and operator interactions.



Crash tested in forward and rearward facing directions to 30mph, 20gs.
Always demand up-to-date crash testing from a certified facility.

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