QLK+D O R = You Without Limits

The D O R works exclusively with our QLK docking systems to secure power wheelchairs in vehicles.  As the user enters the QLK docking system, D O R's arms pivot forward to provide the proper occupant belt angles and a level of security never before seen.  The D O R features two easy to install base arms along with a unique vehicle-integrated occupant belt.

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Vehicle Applications:
Mini Van , WAVs

  • Mini Van
  • WAVs

Features and Benefits

Fully Adaptable

Adjustable length arms and placement of D O R base to adapt to any power chair and application

Open & Closed Armrests

D O R works with different power chair configurations using a unique occupant belt and lockable arms that will work with any seating system

Easy Installation

D O R's base arms mount directly onto existing L-track with no need for additional holes in the vehicle. D O R's occupant belt also installs onto the OEM belt attachment point

Belt Stiffeners

D O R's occupant buckles feature belt stiffeners to remain pliable and easy to manage for all applicationsFeature Image

Exclusive Power Wheelchair Design

Adapts to any power wheelchair on the market in driver position, front passenger or rear-entry vehicles

30 MPH/20G Crash testing

Crash tested at 30 mph/20G to create ideal lap and shoulder belt angles

Pivoting Arms for Perfect Angles

D O R arms can be adjusted up or down by installer for custom fit. Three L-track locations on floor provide front and back movement to oblige different sized chairsFeature Image

  • Warranty – 3 years with completed warranty (click here for warranty registration)
  • Docking Systems

  • Q04S150


    QLK-150 Personal Docking System with base mount.

  • Q04S153


    QLK-150 Personal Docking System without base mount.

  • Q04S110


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